Series 1, Episode 4
Show Newswipe
Air Date 15 April 2009
Previous Newswipe 1.3
Next Newswipe 1.5

Newswipe 1.4 is the fourth episode of the first series of Newswipe which was broadcast for the first time on 15 April 2009.

Summary Edit

Brooker covers news presentations of the G20 conference and its focus on resolving the economic downturn, paying particular attention to coverage of Barack Obama. Later in the episode, Brooker examines the wave of protests that surrounded the G20, and how in the ensuing media coverage, the message of the protestors was lost (as pointed out by Labour politician Tony Benn) and instead became secondary to the violence and public damage which took place.

Brooker also seriously notes how despite the apparently exhaustive coverage, the death of Ian Tomlinson was missed entirely by the larger news broadcasters, and required the work of an investigative journalist to be brought to light. Also included is a piece by Ben Goldacre which discusses the media's portrayal of the supposed link (later discredited) between autism and the MMR vaccine.

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